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Like to live on the edge?

Try kitesurfing lessons with one of our seasoned insturctors.

Ground School

A land course covering all the kite flying fundamentals: Rigging, line management, tuning, safety and kite flying techniques.

You will gain a clear understanding of kitesurfing and the power zone (aka the BOX).

Note: Spend as much time as possible flying your kite on land before you attempt your water lesson.

You will get much more out of your water experience if your kite flying skills become second nature.

Be patient and do your homework before getting in the water!

Bring: sunblock, sunglasses, and shoes.

3 hours $250


Water time

After successfully completing the ground school and spending several hours flying your own kite in a light breeze (under 10 knots), it's time to hit the water!

We'll focus on the essentials of what it takes to get you kitesurfing! Body dragging, water starting, board riding, re-launching the kite in the water

and self-rescue will be covered.

Note: Kitesurfing is not a sport that can be learned in one lesson. Several hours of practice are needed to master this exciting sport.

Bring: wetsuit and booties (if needed) and waterproof beach shoes or sandals.

4-5 hours $385


Kitesurfing lessons are weather dependent
Please call us at (401)849-8623 to schedule your lesson